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Nanjing international car is exhibited will on October 8 - began grandly on Octo
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Lending Beijing the east wind of the Olympic Games, 2008Nanjing international car is exhibited will at10Month8Day- 12Day exhibits a center to kick off grandly in Nanjing international. From2002Result of the year's harvest holds first to exhibit since the meeting, we are about to greet the 7th its grand meeting.

In 7 years of in the past, nanjing international car exhibits experience automobile industry grows flourishingly in China and wide audience is pressing the whole process that needs acknowledge, understanding, contact; The car is exhibited grow all the way, ceaseless development expands, those who obtained domestic a lot of car to produce agency of manufacturer, this locality and broad car fan approbate, became Jiangsu provincial the professional car with the biggest, highest class extends scope, still was labelled last yearStill was labelled last yearShop signs of 10 item on display of big outstanding conferenceShop signs of 10 item on display of big outstanding conferenceOne of. 2008Year, government of Nanjing city people becomes what the car exhibits to sponsor an unit, branch of city of stimulative committee Nanjing also gives China International commerce to support energetically, these will extend more development power to the car, your2008Year the car is exhibited more add a few minutes to expect.

2008Nanjing international car is exhibited preparing in full blast in, although the distance is begun,still have time, already appeared however a lot of new flashy features:

Card of ginseng item on display increases Dimensions hopeful is bigger: Nanjing car exhibited card of ginseng item on display to include the brand of domestic and international most mainstream of market sell like hot cakes mostly. As a few cars are exhibited recently showpiece the ceaseless promotion of the effect, agency ginseng exhibits manufacturer and this locality enthusiasm is taller. 2008Year the car exhibits flutter plan to shift to an earlier date than in former years, a lot of ginseng are exhibited business is exhibited in car of previous term or session and booked first year after year today exhibit. At present brand of domestic and international major main trend is joined already basically certainly exhibit, up to5Lunar the last ten-day of a month, what Nanjing country exhibits a center is indoor6Exhibition hall 40 thousand square metre has been ordered to give nearly 30 thousand square metre. Many car brands enlarged the ginseng this year to exhibit an area, current
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