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Strange luck answers consumption tax new politics QQ3 depreciates F0 of 2000 yua
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QQ3 of strange luck of neat go into work of small in September car is highest and favourable 4000 yuan

The graph is strange luck QQ3

Sina car dispatch in answer to car spending is new on September 1 politics carry out, surprise luck

Attainment of 5 years of 500 thousand reliable quality are classical small litter

As the model with the at present largest sales volume of small litter market, QQ3 face city 5 years, sales volume is climbed successively litre, the product spreads all over the whole world 5 continent ten countries, the whole world retains the quantity already broke through 500 thousand, investigate the reason that its often get the better of small litter champion, but reduce 4 actor, namely: Price of character actor, service actor, configuration actor, sex actors or actress.

QQ3 received in glory national hair to change 2007 appoint the model of lowest of oily bad news that announce, in be being included governmental green to purchase detailed account ever since. Its carry double safe gasbag, ABS EBD, back a car the high end in waiting configures radar, in making QQ3 makes the car that be the same as class " below coequal configuration, price lowest; Below coequal price, configuration is highest " Dai Yan. 1.1L/AMT is to initiate the beginning that automatic archives configures small litter more, the classical and fashionable car that makes a be worthy of the name advocate young and happy culture.

The price reduces 2000 real operations to answer consumption new politics

It is reported, price of this Ci Jirui QQ3 is reduced considerably, in consumption new politics the small litter market after coming on stage still is belonged to first. In at present the country is advocated " curb big spread is small " managing model below social setting, QQ3 lifts all fronts product to meet consumption tax new politics executive action, the social mission move that reflected place of an own brand adequately to have and sense of responsibility.

Dynamical assembly

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