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Annals of acute of cropland of one steam abundant fastens beautiful of character
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In the car lineup with abundant cropland powerful brand, inheritance of REIZ acute annals the DNA of limousine car, be only the model of the 2nd heavyweight under CROWN imperial crown. The appearance of REIZ acute annals has the line of the powerful like sculpture, can arouse the longing that the person that control moves. 6 crocks of double VVT-i V engine, hand from type of an organic whole 6 archives are automatic gear-box, reach kind of drive of rear wheel of engine of the buy before the FR that limousine car uses generally, established creation to drive indefinitely for REIZ acute annals the good foundation of fun.

Feng Tianrui annals

Recently, the author contacted agency of area of Beijing of cropland of one steam abundant, reach circumstance showing a car to refer with respect to the favourable extent of acute annals near future. It is reported, because manufacturer itself is right the output of acute annals is not much, the Olympic Games before Jiashangzhi is affected to what Beijing area supplies, make each agency supply of goods is not very much, privilege also decreases somewhat, 10000 yuan are to all fall completely inside inn at present, specific each quote expresses as follows:

Compare with photograph of the adversary that be the same as class, what acute annals hits is athletic card, provided as same as imperial crown power system, engine of 2.5 litres of V6 can produce 145 kilowatt power most, and torque of low rotate speed is outputted abundant, drive 1500 kilograms automobile body to freely easily, and introduce rear wheel drive. Automobile body is compact, 4735 millimeter are only long, the design is installed inside very individualize, craft is delicate.

Editor viewpoint: Acute annals is car of the drive after the buy before the exclusive FR on market of Chinese intermediate car, no matter dynamical sex, hold charge a sex, still be the top class level that security and comfortable sex, configuration reached Chinese intermediate car, still have very excellent gender value to compare a dominant position at the same time, make thereby high-powered the double advantage that is worth with high price is able to coexist. current privilege, the as biggest as acute annals fall when still differ many, as the arrival that sells busy season, rui Zhizeng makes the possibility of profit range bigger greatly, the friend that love or buys this car of purpose mights as well the key pays close attention to.

(Note: This prices information is collected from local agency, with the price is that day accurate)

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