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Should appear on the market to MINI new car beetle / rambler cash privilege
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Drive the fashionable first selection that a classical car has made young nowadays, and they also can make a car advocate " young, modern " personality calling card. Double eddy of the MINI at the beginning of September is in charge of model of pressure boost edition to be about to appear on the market, the car that its arrival can allow to pay attention to function certainly advocate photographic. In car city, PT rambler can say masses beetle and Kelaisile is the strong opponent of MINI model, and detect according to the price of website of city of the car on the net show, as MINI new car appear on the market the price of these two models also appeared to become loose apparently.

1. overcomes Laisile PT rambler privilege 1000 yuan 5

At present Beijing area buys Kelaisile PT rambler, consumer can enjoy 1000 yuan 5 cash privilege, if choose to be done inside inn,at the same time the salesperson also represents 4S shop " one continuous line " it is OK still that insurance serves favourable amount increase further, at the same time consumer still can enjoy the adornment that controls to 1000 yuan to give. The color showing a car that does not pass this car all argent already give priority to, the leeway of the choice is not very big.

The exterior of PT rambler designs Kelaisile, have a vogue holds concurrently to move besides classic grace feeling, and the course is blue, black, red, silver-colored the explanation of 4 kinds of color, show gave Kelaisile PT rambler provides romance and elegant temperament extremely. Among them, overcome the 2007 PT rambler that the car rolls out Laisile, delivering a kind " in finite with the ramble between acme, in restore ancient ways with the ramble between popularity, accuse in the palm with the ramble between passion " life concept, the customer that gives country brings the sense that look brand-new.

Kelaisile the railroad car of PT rambler, used brand-new interior design, perfected public praise further distinguished muti_function characteristic and convenient and comfortable wide and interior space. In dynamical respect, kelaisile the power with will extraordinary PT Cruiser, change function and travel ride comfort to more perfect confluence, the straight kind that its carry 4 crocks 2.4 litres of gasoline engine, most high-power can amount to 105kW(143hp) , accomplished Kelaisile of PT Cruiser do a job with skill and ease drive expression and drive delightfully by comfortable sex.

Whole department gives 2. beetle purchase duty adscititious 10 thousand yuan of privilege

The reporter imports car accredit agency to understand from Beijing area masses, at present consumer buys car of whole department beetle to still can be enjoyed give the favourable activity that purchases duty, and according to model price different, of each car purchase duty to be in 2-3 10 thousand yuan between. At the same time the salesperson expresses, buy beetle car to still can get 10 thousand yuan cash privilege at present, each model and color are very all ready, consumer preference room is very big.
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