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Buy acute of day words SX4 to ride this month send great gift to return organic
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Acute of day words SX4 rides

Since appearing on the market in August, Chang'an bell woodChang'an bell woodDay words SX4Acute rides " continuously sell like hot cakes, make the product of new fighting spirit of battle array of rich CROSS model. The reporter is in know from agency of Chang'an bell wood, "Acute of day words SX4 rides " mutual hand is moved and automatic and luxurious model two kinds, production of countrywide set limit to sells 2008, through the sale of a month, had had many 30 set limit to at present " acute of day words SX4 rides " gallop in Chengdu ave lane.

"Acute of day words SX4 rides " regard main body colour as the element black, the automobile body color in abounding range of products of both sides of Yuan Tianyu SX4 is, deserve to be prevented with black at the same time brush. New car is local the light that deck metal feels very strong is argent, the middle that rack of handle, roof opens outside door, before the place such as facial radiator grille tends because of the argent adornment that grab an eye young with vogue, in addition, around is added those who set is argent prevent slide, the one side that makes its straightforward in CROSS style more highlight. To enhance sense of whole vehicle whole, "Acute of day words SX4 rides " use brunet interior trim to communicate an intense athletic breath, the black derma seat that deserves to have gules mesh fabrics with fashionable dress, with red line tailor. Steering wheel and hand move shift gears handle to use derma, more advanced more comfortable.

Always in Chengdu Xi Xing, Chengdu force of treasure of 10 thousand friend, Sichuan connects 3 4S inn to buy this month " acute of day words SX4 rides " andSwift1.5L exceeds dazzle edition to will be given buy Che Dali to wrap, organic still meeting obtains Chengdu international car to exhibit entrance ticket. (Yu Ting)

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