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Lion runs appear on the market one year to be thankful feedback buys a car two c
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East wind Yue is amounted to rise inferior lion runs

Appear on the market one year to celebrate lion to run, east wind Yue is amounted to case inferior be thankful redound new Laoche advocate, roll out bag of 2 overflow great gift especially. Come from September 1 on September 30, every is amounted to in east wind Yue case inferior the consumer that 4S specializes in inn to buy whole department lion to run, all can choose random according to oneself demand an overflow great gift. Be before wanting to include the high-grade footplate that welcome guest, individuation / hind of the elegant SUV peripheral such as the flowguide after protecting bar, vogue " develop bound equips " , be still the double safeguard that 50 thousand kilometer maintains freely and makes strong narrow pass first years? See your need!

To this year October, east wind Yue is amounted to case inferior lion runs one year when be about to go too brilliant. Regard city SUV market as medium popular model, the configuration that lion runs to be changed by right of the exterior of fashionable vigor, human nature and excellent performance are behaved, ask a vessel large award of nearly 40 media early or late, achieve sale beautiful performance repeatedly. In before hold early or late " buy lion to run bound giving develop equips " reach " send maintain safe " in the activity, consumer echo is enthusiastic, lifted a lion to run the upsurge that buy a car; After the activity ends, many consumer are in come what when inn sees a car, express to miss mobile time is regretful. To satisfy the requirement of numerous pink lion further, east wind Yue is amounted to case inferior this special with " 2 anthology one " the form rolls out two big activities afresh, quicker choice way makes consumer OK make a decision according to his effective demand, can say to reflect the service of the close, human nature of the enterprise. Of 50 thousand kilometer maintain service, can satisfy a car effectively advocate maintain differently demand; Union is obtained give first years to hand in strong danger and east wind Yue to amount to case inferior it is model engine 5 years completely / of 100 thousand kilometer maintain freely act, saved a car greatly advocate the daily cost that use a car, make turn back of go on a journey of 11 gold holiday does not have care. Elegant develop bound equipment satisfied a car on the exterior not only advocate the demand that goes after individual character, deserve to go up again lion runs exceedingly good drill controls function, love a car not only can banner on function at other vehicle, in the wagon flow that the exterior of extraordinary also moves back and forth not to cease in city more piece carry conspicuous.

Regard city develop bound as notional author and advocate, lion runs motion, fluent curve outline was full of passion to be moved fashionably feeling is idiosyncratic, CVVT engine, timely system of 4 drive electron and pass a gender goodly to make lion runs can answer all sorts of mixed grades besides, show extremely high security and extremely strong suiting ability. At present lion runs the first group that SUV of home of already strong promotion sells, at the same time lion runs the brigade of 2008 develop bound also is on the base that the brigade of develop bound ran successfully last year got pay close attention to and be participated in extensively, recruit only more than 10 days, registered a number to had been broken through 30 thousand. Believe the development as market activity, the lion with superior quality runs will achieve a sale again in 08 second half of the year new tall.
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