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Price of guidance of Ou Zhisheng manufacturer reduces Meng Di 4S inn is highest
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The graph is picture of data of model of Meng Di Europe

Chang'an Ford horse amounted to sale company to announce a banner formally to issue Mengdiou oneself on September 8

The graph is form of price of Meng Di Ou Jiang

The inn that occupy 4S salesperson introduction, at present model of Meng Di Ou Zhisheng is moved except 2 hands other model stock is very enough beyond comfortable model, inn of only and individual 4S can offer 2 hands to move comfortable model to show car sale. To this model, the salesperson represents 4S shop OK and favourable cash 32 thousand yuan; At the same time other 3 models also have 32 thousand yuan cash to yield benefit, and show a car all ready. With this price computation, if send the brand-new and directive price that get the better of according to Mengdiou, 4S inn respect has 12 thousand yuan of privilege to 20 thousand yuan again on this foundation.

Name of Meng Di Europe is the 3rd acting Ford that Chang'an Ford horse amounts to car limited company to produce oneself " Meng Di Ou Zhisheng " . On October 23, 2007, mengdiou - send get the better of amount to factory of Chongqing of car limited company formally to get offline oneself in Chang'an Ford horse, the Meng Di Ou Zhisheng that first appearing on the market basically is 2.3L vogue model (Fashion) , 2.3L is luxurious model (Luxury) and 2.3L are luxurious motile (LuxurySport) 3 kinds of models, its car grows 4854mm, car wide 1886mm, wheelbase achieved 2850mm, it is the wheelbase in the car that be the same as class is the longest, the interior space that gets the better of because of Your's sincerely is ample, provided enough leg pace space for back row passenger. In the meantime, as a result of Meng Di Ou Zhisheng receives a technology through using laser beam welding, make the dynamic stiffness of automobile body and static stiffness rose than spot welding technology 50% , because this intensity of whole automobile body is higher and the noise that still makes car travel process medium and shake got reducing.

The graph is picture of data of model of Meng Di Europe

Meng Di Ou Zhisheng deployed Duratec-HE to list 4 crocks of 16 valve to turn over engine of buy type complete aluminium alloy continuously, integrated I-VCT enters gas cam changeably when, the device of IMRC alterable intake duct, alterable turbine that take energy of life controls the technology such as a powerful person. Suspension uses suspension of Mai Fuxun type before, structure of compound connecting rod is not used after. The active security that safe system used EBA of + of ABS EBD EPS defends system, taller competitive advantage is had in be the same as scale model.
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