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Oriental child 5 1000 4 models break Cross highest privilege goods
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The first Cross model that as Jiruipin the card finishs, oriental child the sale that Cross series gets approbate and maintenancing stability of consumer after appear on the market. Get in 2.4L model Beijing " country IV " after discharging a standard to affect stop production, it is brand-new 1.8L model and 2.0L model only in what sell in capital market, and the latest news that website of city of the car on the net gets, 2.0L model but privilege 4000 yuan, 1.8 models fall 3000 yuan. Material detailed information is as follows:

According to inn of 4S of Beijing strange luck salesperson introduction, the model that at present Beijing field sells discharges 7 models of quantity and 1.8L platoon quantity for 2.0L only, 5 model all because of having goods cannot buy, two models that making work all can give out 3000 yuan of cash reserve in a bank that reach 4000 yuan are favourable, a few simple adornment still are offerred to reach after buying a car maintain the formula is given, but cannot fold trade ready money. Additional, the color showing a car of each inn is not very all ready, the part tightens spruce color to still need to order goods the ability after awaiting a month can shift a car, subscription 5000 yuan.

Ask about the 5 seat coach reason that does not have goods, because cooperate Beijing Olympic Games and requirement of special Olympic Games,dealer shows, the carriage car of strange luck respect cannot enter capital temporarily. If want to buy 5 models, can choose 11 holiday inn is bought later, the possibility that the near future arrives is not large. Each merchant wants to sell east now child the 7 seat coach that Cross measures two rows, greeting consumer seeks advice to inn.

Oriental child Cross dispatch a vehicle, it is to be in what the course optimizes the east of the 2nd generation that upgrade child a when the development on platform comes out recreational car, shirt-sleeve the Cross with newest international designs a concept, the ample space of the motility of the comfortable sex of collect car, SUV and MPV at a suit, exterior cruel is more fashionable, configure human nature of science and technology, have a car like comfortable enjoy. And its diversiform seat combination and the automobile body size that reach level of car of mainstream B class, offerred free and agile space to enjoy for consumer, satisfied domestic car to consume the market with each passing day the demand of diversity.

(Edit Fan Jia)

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