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Lowermost price falls cut fund of 80 thousand patriarch 4S of Yi Lan spy is high
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It is certain that as contemporary brunt model Yilante believes Chinese consumer won't unfamiliar. Yi Lan Teceng classics in order to be proud market of car of intermediate family expenses of home of sales volume sweep anything away, made Beijing's contemporary mark model. Beijing is contemporary first half of the year this year rolled out brand-new generation economy car " Yue is moved " , and old money Yi Lan does not have stop production especially. Recently, testing system of price of city of the car on the net shows, old money Yi Lan's particular price appeared relatively substantially become loose, highest fall panel height amounts to 10 thousand yuan. Specific model price sees next tables:

Roll out as a result of what Yi Lan Teyue moves, old money Yi Lan is special the model that 1.8L platoon measures already stop production, current and only the model of 4 1.6L is sold normally. According to the salesperson introduction of 4S inn, block a model automatically to need to book besides two beyond, two cars all have other sale showing a car. Considerably after privilege, the hand is moved comfortable model the price has fallen defeat 80 thousand yuan to close greatly, and the hand is moved luxurious model the price also falls defeat 100 thousand yuan to close greatly.

Model of Yi Lan spy used banner CVVT motor, have high-powered, small oily waste time, more the characteristic of environmental protection, oilier than using the model part of CVVT engine 13 % . Besides the exterior more vogue and move outside feeling, yilante still has back a car radar has the configuration that sees in the ability on medium-sized car this kind only. Additional, on safety, yilante's around annulus used disk type apply the brake, configuration has ABS EBD system.

Yilante's exterior experts simply, fog lamp appearance passes brand-new design before, radiator lies between bar to also turn into by perpendicular type perverse form, appear concise atmosphere. Of bumper appearance alter and plating chromium is acted the role of increase, make automobile body line more fluent and natural. In interior trim respect Yilantejia entered more human nature to change a design. Special increased gray interior trim for Chinese consumer, lamp of appearance dial setting also turns into by blue olive, color change brings the visual perception with the more more downy, comfortable person that drive to suffer.

(Edit Li Xiaolei)

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