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Agency of Shenzhen of Wo Erwo S40 is top depreciate 55 thousand yuan
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Mature wind model of everybody choose Wo Erwo S40 to send 10 thousand yuan of decorate

Wo Erwo S40

[report from our correspondent] reporter from Shenzhen area inn of Wo Erwo 4S understood recently, steam south was started in countrywide each district in " in steam is southern fall activity of grand ceremony series " , the first is thankful gigantic display -- cost price the VOLVO S40 of 315 thousand

Wo Erwo all through the ages regards the key that publicizes the model below the banner as the banner and safe science and technology of own research and development, s40 also not exceptional. On edition of Zhi Ya of this S40 2.4i, we discover the manufacturer deployed safety of protection system of neck of WHIPS of STC stability and traction control system, in front of, IC to aerate shade, light explode safety belt takes type to tighten device, SIPS to prevent side to bump into the high-tech safety such as safe gasbag to configure beforehand, the attendant on a train that strive gives cockpit with best protection. And belt of seat of such as in front of heats intelligence of function, IDIS drives acoustics of information system, AUX assists input socket to wait comfortable model the consideration that configuration shows to S40 human nature is changed.

As a wisdom luxurious car, s40 deployed rich high quality interior trim and configuration on edition of 2.4i Zhi Ya and T5 model. In the center of in front of armrest by proper reach, the space below its is larger, can allow below 10 pieces of CD. The AUX input socket of sound system also accused a rear move to arrive from which here. Space of an additional storage still was set on armrest lid, can place player of mobile telephone, MP3 or other and fragmentary article. S40 T5 model still introduced Wo Erwo not to have the key advancedly to drive control system. When approaching a car, need to pull open doorknob hand car to be able to open a lock automatically only; Enter a car inside, press and the pushbutton on rotational dashboard, can start. (Li Kang)

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