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New car appears on the market Laoche vacates extent of privilege of library near
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In September 2008, what sell busy season in this tradition is germinant, car city was performed again new round of new car appears on the market big fight. In this among them, we besides the care those are ablaze outside the new car that come on stage, to ordinary common people, the old money model that is about to replace by new car had arrived sexual price compares the most well-developed hour, alleged do not move right now more wait for when? So, let us the model that what brand there is see get skill in the duration that moves this finally?

   08 Fox

Although appeared on the market September,new car has tens of moneys, the influence that 08 Fox lend Ford to be accumulated in home for years and Fox are the position in be the same as class, can become without doubt most one of models that get attention. 08 new Fox just undertook on the foundation of former model small change a money, outer view, interior trim was done change subtly, tend with the Fox that sells in Europe identical; Dynamical respect had school of a few attune to engine, 1.8 litres those who embark still is maturity discharge the engine of the quantity with 2 litres, alter or did not add new element greatly, the transmission that match still also is 5 fast hands move or 4 fast automatic. Appear on the market according to the new car of car city the rule, old model will appear before new car appears on the market bigger privilege, although Fox old money also agreed regulation of this car city without prior consultation, but because its market performance is all the time in the car that be the same as class,keep banner, favourable range is not big. If ask to automobile body exterior not very strict, also not be eager to angle the consumer of newest tide, it is old money however right now Fox buys good luck inaccessibly, extent of privilege of model of old after all money is controlled 10 thousand yuan, and after new fund appears on the market, will not have too big fall.  

   Fluid of new blood of MG7 AT infuse greets abstruse edition mission to be about to end

As a result of MG name the rank of nobility 7 fasten

Come from some kind of meaning say, MG7 of renown the rank of nobility is automatic archives model rolling out ability is a MG7 of the rank of nobility those who be fastened in home is true appear on the market, just be the name that with Ying Lunfeng case locates this of city of car of class of B of home of go on an expedition of car of the rank of nobility begin. 7 departments regard renown the rank of nobility as the homebred version that regards England as MG7, truckload no matter be,the appearance is designed, was full of athletic gene, it is the athletic model of an one hundred percent, and the precipitation of hundred years last a period of time of MG brand is a the rank of nobility 7 departments added many mystery and exalted culture connotation. The brunt model that 7 departments sell renown the rank of nobility is 1.8T model, this engine regards complete aluminium as the masterpiece of engine, deployed MG to bring with proud turbine supercharger, truckload power of the biggest output is 118 kilowatt and 215 oxen rice, most high-power is stridden with the masses vacate
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