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BMW 3 departments are highest depreciate 48 thousand Ao Di A4 falls 29 thousand
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BMW 3 fasten

Report from our correspondent (reporter Shi Wenfu)   on September 1, beijing runs quickly - car of standard type of Dai Ke C200K appears on the market formally, fix a price 348 thousand yuan. Subsequently its competitor price is reduced in succession, BMW 320i enterprising, Ao Di A4

348 thousand yuan price brought car of C200K standard type really a series of chain-reacting, dealer of accredit of Beijing area BMW shows, show level to buy homebred BMW 3 fasten

The reporter learns from south of the steam in Beijing, at present value of market of Wo Erwo S40 also appears to drop considerably, highest fall it is 45 thousand yuan, lowermost price two hundred and sixty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan. According to introducing, series of this inn S40 is at present medium wisdom still edition had made work exhaust, place remnant model is Zhi Ya edition and T5, market price mixes 323 thousand yuan for two hundred and sixty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan, fall mix 40 thousand yuan for forty-five thousand two hundred yuan respectively. Among them stock of Zhi Ya edition is enough, model of 5 kinds of color has, t5 part color did not show a car.

Ao Di agency tells one steam masses the reporter, ao Di A4 1.8T is at present luxurious model automatic falling had achieved 29 thousand yuan, the market price after depreciating is two hundred and ninety-two thousand five hundred yuan. The reporter still understands, the market value of Ao Di A4 is reduced is not the price advantage that has because of competitor place completely, however because of A4 of new Ao Di will at next year implementation is homebred first quarter, a4 of old money Ao Di also be about to stop production. At present the extent of privilege of Ao Di A4 of Beijing area has achieved 20 thousand yuan of ~ 30 thousand yuan or so.

In addition, ao Di dealer still shows one steam public, home still imported set limit to a batch of new A4 November, in order to join cash A4 is mixed homebred the time between new A4 is wrong.

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