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: Water chestnut is handsome, handsome 1.6MT SEi of 05 water chestnut (comfortab
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Number of basic message news: 450708 sales condition: The area trades in selling: Jiangxi saves - time of the card on city of another name for Jiangxi Province: 2005-5 releases time: On September 22, 2008 travel course of development: 50000 kilometers period of efficacy: Color of 30 days of car: Black discharge statistic: 83 person-time sell an archives the contact: Mr Zhang is in an area: Jiangxi saves - city of another name for Jiangxi Province connects a telephone call: 0- contacts a mobile phone: 15979828817 connection address: City of state of Jiangxi province another name for Jiangxi Province the email: Card area Guangdong is saved on - car of category of car of carry of battalion of blame of utility of Shenzhen primary vehicle

Place of production of handsome car of water chestnut of brand of model of 3 water chestnut is homebred southeast model department

The hand uses transmission of card time 2005-5 on travel kilometer 50000

2009-5 of good insurance of Kuang Liang of car of car color black

2009-5 of yearly check of 2008-12 of cost of maintain a road 0-0 of car boat royalities

Water chestnut is handsome southeast car condition description 1.6, take scuttle. Black DVD navigation, fast gear lock is differred after, 19 inches of hub, heat seat, 4 areas air conditioning (speech serves a system) , back a car radar, chassis rises fall, intelligent key.

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