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Ailishe 1.6
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Number of basic message news: 178813 sales condition: The area trades in selling: Jiangxi saves - time of the card on Nanchang: 2006-7 releases time: On September 22, 2008 travel course of development: 24620 kilometers period of efficacy: Color of 90 days of car: Blue-black discharge statistic: 1429 person-time sell an archives the contact: Miss Liu is in an area: Jiangxi saves - Nanchang connects a telephone call: 0791-5281380 contacts a mobile phone: Contact an address: Jiangxi saves email of Nanchang city Song Bailu: Jiangxi of area of the card on is saved - carry of battalion of blame of utility of primary vehicle of car of Nanchang car category

Fair car / color of car of car of illicit car illicit is blue-black transmission hand is moved

Travel kilometer 24620 cars besides 2008-7 of royalities of first-rate car boat

Insurance 2008-7 maintain a road expends 2008-7 of 2008-7 yearly check

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