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The first car network released in November the price of second-hand car market
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After the automobile market in October and used car sales to pick up the gradual recovery in market sentiment, used car prices have begun to stabilize a little bit. Fluctuations gradually decreases, began to return to rational, although lower prices for individual cars faster, but to the whole market, without much impact. To the November run, second-hand car market, showing a high-end cars and selling low-end car scene, but also makes them relatively slow decline in prices, and relatively slow-moving vehicle, falling prices of these vehicles relative to the two faster. What is our comprehensive analysis: Better vehicle sales this month, in addition to the market has been relatively hot models, but also poured out a little black horse, including BYD series, such as F3, F6, F0, etc., relative selling her BYD is also made to preserve and increase rate has been increased accordingly, such as F31.5 manual version of the market price of platinum in 2009 to between 5 million -5.5 million in 2010 to between 54,000 to 58,000, with the market last month prices fell 500 yuan, the price appreciation of individual models and the slight increase in the state of the previous month, this first car prices, relative to vehicle sales at the end faster, but also makes the owner of brokerage firms began to raise prices closed car, although towards the end of more risky, but there are some car dealers choice increase income vehicles, such as manual or F3 Platinum edition models in 2009 for the purchase price in October between 4.5 million -4.8 million in 2010 to between 4.8 million -5.2 million , and this month received Platinum Edition F3 car prices have generally increased by 500 yuan, more often based on the vehicle itself but also position. In this case, their explanation is better now in the sales situation, we need to puerile, getting better when the vehicle sales, car source starts tight, we started to receive high-priced cars, the source for more cars . But we will not second-hand car sales prices improved, which we only reduce the profits of a single car, but also reduced the flow cycle of second-hand car, and then form a vehicle sales in the peak season of a strategy. For other vehicles, the situation is diametrically opposite, such as the Peugeot 307, Dongfeng Peugeot in fact, a whole series of car sales in the market is not very good, the vehicle will preserve and increase the rate of the corresponding relatively low, a friend told me a consultation car, 2007 Peugeot 307 Manual Deluxe end, when the car run down close to 15 million in second-hand car market is not the market price to 7.8 million. Collection vehicle price is 6.5 million or so or even partial, directly by the depreciation of 50%. The reason is simply that, a new car price too, used cars are not recognized by consumers, such factors and long sales cycle. Peugeot 307 in the model relative to the November 10, the average price down 1,000 yuan to 2,000 yuan. Used car new car price fluctuations by the impact of price fluctuations for the first element, not including the 05 previously discontinued or replacement model, these cars from new cars of the basic. Now a brief talk about the major brands in the November changes in the price of used cars: which cars in Japan and Korea: Beijing Hyundai, Elantra Yuet, price 1500 yuan, mainly by the media on Sports & safety too much negative news. Dongfeng Honda CRV price and basically the same as last month, selling relatively hot, think about platinum Civic Core and 1,000 to 1,500 yuan in the fall. Guangzhou Honda Accord decline in the entire department is about 2,000 yuan, 1,000 yuan Fit, Toyota Highlander wide decline in 2000 yuan, the Camry in 1500 yuan. FAW Toyota Corolla and the Corolla is about 1,000 yuan fell, the crown in the 2000-2500 yuan. FAW Mazda, 6 horse fall in the price of 1,500 yuan. In the United States Department of trucks: Chrysler series is still the highest in lower prices, 300C, platinum sharp, Voyager, Cadillac series drop in more than 2,500 yuan. GM Regal, LaCrosse and other drop yuan in 2000, Excelle and other lower price cut less than 1,000 yuan. Chevrolet Epica decline in more than 1,500 yuan, relatively slow-moving vehicle in the market. In the French cars, the Beverly is still more to maintain one model, price cut to 500 yuan while the Elysee, Sega, Arc de Triomphe, etc. to maintain a higher yuan in 1000-2500, for the siblings, the Peugeot family, Peugeot's overall performance is not good, regardless of 206,307 or 207 in the used car market was also rather awkward, sluggish sales rapidly while prices are still diving, drop this month, are beyond the more than 1,500 yuan. In terms of German cars, or to maintain a high level of depreciation rate is relatively low, high-end cars such as Audi series this month, prices fell almost small, can be negligible, the Passat field decline at about 1,000 yuan, a step Speed 1000 teng teng yuan to 1,500 yuan fell, there were also golf Bora 800-1600 yuan rate of decline. November whole, is still quite good, the prices of used cars in China is also a smooth return to a mature and indispensable to the process of rational consumption of consumers, manufacturers appropriate repairer, new car price, used car prices will not be like the stock market ups and downs the same ups and downs. China's used car will be more prudent to move forward.
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