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Dry weather in autumn to anti-static vehicle
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Dry weather in autumn, and sometimes hand just touched the body will be static play numbness. Some car owners even wonder: Is car "leakage" of? Automotive Aftermarket's master told you: do not encounter such a situation Worry, this is caused by dry weather, as long as proper preventive work to do to prevent the car's static electricity. The causes of static electricity Auto static electricity for two reasons: First, the body charged in to the car ahead of itself, when in contact with the car will naturally discharge. On the other hand, vehicles parked longer, the body has accumulated a lot of dust, metal surface Mutual friction will generate electricity, people touched the body, it will have a discharge phenomenon. Static electricity can cause headache, insomnia and irritability and other symptoms, can cause serious and even a variety of cardiovascular diseases, such as arrhythmia, tachycardia, premature beats and so on. Therefore, in order to prevent electric car, or necessary. Coup against CLP To prevent static electricity car, the most effective way is to wash a few cars. In addition, to ensure that the body's own "moisture" can also be effective in preventing static electricity. Anti-electric car 1. Decorations inside and outside the car to reduce chemical use. 2. Waxing is an effective anti-static methods. Fence with a special wax to the vehicle surface dust, clean film. Waxing a choice of anti-static special wax. 3. In the car dashboard put a wet towel, or regular use of aerosol spray some water in the car, the car can increase humidity and reduce static electricity inside the vehicle. 4. Car door before the key can be used to discharge the metal parts to the car, but do not car keys, because the car keys inside with the security chip, the use of car keys after a period of discharge, the loss of car keys Security effectiveness, it is best to use to carry other common keys to discharge. 5. Using the static discharger. Static discharger on the market of air and take the chain static discharger discharger, the effects were good. Anti-human power 1. Rub moisturizer, drink plenty of water to keep the skin surface humidity. Static in the wet state will occur less often rub moisturizer can also ensure that the skin moisture. 2. Less use of chemical fiber products. Chemical fiber clothing is easy with a static, stay away from chemical products can reduce the chance of a shock many. 3. Off when the door glass with a cart can prevent static electricity, pushing the metal frame were more likely to be "electric."
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